Studio Freudenthal
creates enduring visual identities and tailored-made aesthetics for brands and companies of today and tomorrow.
Studio Freudenthal
creates enduring visual identities and tailored-made aesthetics for brands and companies of today and tomorrow.

Studio Freudenthal crafts enduring visual identities across diverse fields, with a special emphasis on hospitality, culture, and brands or companies characterized by strong values and idiosyncrasies.

Under the leadership of Alizée Freudenthal, who launched her career in New York City, the studio is now based in Paris and collaborates on projects spanning both European and US markets.

Inherently collaborative, Alizée and her teams develop tailor-made aesthetics and brand voices, that precisely mirror clients’ market aspirations and consumer needs.

Our expertise and skills include naming, visual identity (logo design, typography, color palette etc.), website design and development, collateral concepting and design, signage, digital tools, copywriting, editorial guidelines, packaging development. When project scale demands, we draw upon an international community of renowned creatives, partnering with interior designers, strategists, writers, photographers, illustrators, video makers, 3D geniuses, digital experts and production specialists.

Alizée Freudenthal by Kingston Trinder

Nourished by Parisian dawn, and paleontologist’s dream, Alizée Freudenthal is an awarded-designer from that faraway land of croissant and honey; magnifique France.

At the tenderest age of twenty, young Alizée boarded a railway train bound for nearby Belgium and Brussels, to an education in Visual Communication and Graphic Design. And a lovely paper declaration that forever reads, Alizée Freudenthal, Master Of Arts.

Sweetest Belgium gave forth at last to Northern Italy and a fellowship with Fabrica, United Colors Of Benetton’s communications research centre. Here, where entrancing glasses of tangerine prossecco flow in endless succession, and long bicycle journeys are taken along canal’s banks by twilight, our Alizée created international works for clients such as Colors Magazine, Unesco and the World Health Organisation.

After two glorious years of Mediterranean creation, the time had come the old walrus sang for Alizée to voyage once more, westward bound, over the Atlantic to that land of liberty, that fabled metropolis of mythical imagining; New York City. And it was here, amidst the cherry blossoms and chrome subways, Far Rockaway and Long Island, that young Alizée made her winter’s nest, where she remained until 2019.

Labouring then for several renowned agencies such as Mother Design, Watson & Co., Be-Pôles, 2x4, and Pentagram, Alizée has now opened her own studio in her beloved hometown, Paris, and regularly travels across the Atlantic-as the ties never unbind. When not lost deep in the wonderful worlds of grids, kerns and Pantones, Alizée spends many a contemplative hour wondering over the minutiae of human relationships and the forever pleasures of travel, experimenting with her writings, and examining the nomadic culture of the Tzigane, or lesser-known eastern European gypsy.

Despite her most gallant efforts, Alizée’s Parisian tongue cannot quite yet stay in her pocket. For she still suffers over pronouncing that most indispensable of English words; the skewer.